Thursday, June 09, 2011

WQC in Bangladesh

For the third year running quizzers gathered at the 'Future Group' premises in Dhaka to take part in the World Quizzing Championships. The venue was supervised by Mr Aneek R Haque (he's the smiling guy in the red shirt and glasses appearing in half of the images appended below).

As the Bangladeshi iQa group posting on Facebook reported...

"... We had an absolutely wonderful day and we are all so proud of you! ... We thank Aneek Bhai for being at his best form that evening. I personally thank Zafir and all the teammates for all the dedication and effort. ... Despite the political instability 84 Quizzers Participated. For the first time, two Quizzers scored three figures!

Ahmed Fayezi-Bin-Saad, the top scorer of 2009 came back strongly with 117 points! He secured 148th position in the Global Ranking and 15th in the Under 30 Category worldwide! This is the first time any Bangladeshi made it to Top 150. Overall scores have been incredible! We all are so proud of you!

The Nation score of Bangladesh is 312 and we have achieved the 18th position! We have left behind countries like Hungary, Singapore, Russia, Sri Lanka and 10 more countries! Take a bow Quizzers! ..."

Well, our friends in Dhaka obviously enjoyed themselves - as can be seen in some of these images - reproduced with the kind premission of Mir Shahrukh Islam.

WQC in Lithuania

Almost 60 Lithuanians took part in this year's World Quizzing Championships. The website of the iQa in Lithuania carries images of their contestants in two venues, a bar in Vilnius and a bookshop-cafe in Panevėžyje. ENJOY.

Quizzers in Vilnius

Quizzers in Panevėžyje

Top Lithuanian, Aidas Puklevicius.

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Pat Gibson retains World crown!

There were 1,483 competitors in total for the 2011 World Quizzing Championships on Saturday 4 June (a better than 25% increase over 2010), results of top 200 follow (blue bold = age 20 and under, blue = 30 and under, green 60 and over, bold green = 70 and over).