Saturday, August 13, 2016

IQA at TCONA 2016

Three of the IQA's directors (Chris, 'Doc', and Jane) are attending TCONA 6 in Las Vegas. They are running some 'sampler quizzes' to give our North American friends a taste of the sort of questions that will greet them should they attend the Quiz Olympiad in Athens in November 2016. On Friday 12 August they ran 75 minute team quiz for ten teams. Here are the results.

Saturday 13 August will see the IQA directors running a 90 minute taster quiz covering the IQA's individual, pairs, and team knock-out formats. This will run from 12 noon to 1.30pm.

Saturday, April 02, 2016

Edinburgh GP - 2 April 2016

Huge thanks once again to Ewan for letting us use the Voodoo Rooms once more AND for an excellent Individual set. Bravo!

These should now be the final and complete results from the individual competition.

Saturday, March 05, 2016

Duston Grand Prix : 5th March 2016

Once again we must warmly thank Nic Paul for liaising with St Crispin's club in Duston which continues to be a hugely popular venue for people, not least due to the good offices of Graham, a truly splendid caterer. And we thank all those who kindly helped Nic setting out tables first thing this morning. Cheers all.

We also need to thank Tony Gold for a splendid team quiz (as always!) and Cristian Pop for yet another entertaining Hot 100 Quiz - and thanks also to Indie road-testers Ian Bayley and Jane Allen.

Saturday, February 06, 2016

Rainhill Grand Prix : 6 February 2016

Many thanks once more to birthday boy Mark Kerr for finding us a lovely venue, and for sharing his big day with us. Thanks also to Eric Kilby for a very well received individual set, to Dave Tilley for the super questions in his team quiz, and to Cristian Pop for a bold and well-executed Hot 100 theme!

Well done to the winners, but a special mention for Didier who shows Coventry was no fluke by finishing runner up AGAIN, and to Mark Preston on his debut win in Sport, from down in 69th place overall - vindicating the 'genre' format and showing all can shine. Marvelous.